Becoming a Spiritual Explorer

January 19, 2008

My father was a world traveler. Just after high school, he worked his way around the world; and he continued to travel for most of his life. He also assisted other world travelers by organizing what he called “Seminar Tours.”

I’ve never felt a strong urge to travel the world. The land that I’ve explored has been that of my own psyche. And I’ve helped other spiritual explorers through workshops and retreats.

Both Jewish and Christian traditions contain expressed condemnations of homosexuality. As a gay man, spiritual exploration through established western religions was closed to me. I was forced to find my own way, and I used my sexuality as a tool for exploration.

While my experiences as a gay man and a facilitator for gay men will provide the basis for this blog, it will be a guide for all who would explore their own psyches and their connection to Universal Reality.

Weekly entries (on Monday or Tuesday) will have several sections: an autobiographical section answering the question “What is a spiritual explorer?” – a section exploring a facet of spiritual practice (journaling, prayer, meditation, working with energy, erotic spirituality, self healing) giving both theory and exercises – and possibly a section on what‘s coming up for me.

If you are a spiritual explorer, your primary guide will be your inner knowing. Much of this blog will be about accessing inner knowing.

As my father gave guidebooks to his clients, I offer this blog as a guide to you. You’ll gain more from it than photos and souvenirs. You’ll gain the fruits of spiritual exploration: peace, love, joy, and a sense of harmony with the Universe. That is what I’ve gained. Come, join me on the journey.

If you would like to explore more of this topic check out my website.

One Response to “Becoming a Spiritual Explorer”

  1. Dave said

    Nice blog, Sunfire! May it grow by leaps and bounds and be a huge success for you!

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