What Is a Spiritual Explorer? (Autobiography)

January 22, 2008

The men who had registered for my workshop in transformation through erotic spirituality were assembled in a meeting room at a retreat center in the Catskills. I was about to start the first session when a framed text caught my eye.

There is a pearl of great price within you. It is your hidden self where God abides, the seed of all goodness and love, the power of all that is wholesome and life-giving! It is your faith, your inner child of wonder and delight, of guilelessness and enthusiasm. It is your wellspring of hospitality, where you are host & hostess for a banquet of simple sharing and profound transformation. May you always honor the greatness of your soul, and nurture that place of being from which others drink deeply!
–Gregory Norbet

I read it to the participants, for I realized that it embodied the task of a spiritual explorer – finding “your hidden self where God abides,” germinating “the seed of all goodness and love,” tapping into “the power of all that is wholesome and life-giving,” clarifying “your faith,” discovering “your inner child of wonder and delight, of guilelessness and enthusiasm,” and nourishing others from “your wellspring of hospitality.”

I’ve been leading workshops since 1988. Some have said that they changed their lives; others have said, “This was not for me.” Still, I know that when these men leave my workshop they are on their own.

You, my reader, may have experienced many retreats where you felt a deep connection with something beyond everyday life and, when you returned to that life, felt that connection slipping away. This blog’s mission is to help you find a daily spiritual practice that will carry you forward to deeper and richer connections with the Great Mystery that is the ground of being.

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