Prayer in Motion (Praxis)

January 28, 2008

The prayer that Jesus gave us is repeated Sunday after Sunday in churches all over the world. Christians learn the prayer when they are children and probably say it without thinking – so that it becomes the “vain repetition” that Jesus condemned. Rather than simply repeating words, I prefer Buckmeister Fuller’s practice of paraphrasing the Lord’s prayer. Here’s one that I wrote, with the idea that gestures could be used to make it more meaningful:

Stretch forth your hands to the power of love.

Bring your hands to your hearts and know that this power dwells in you.

Raise your hands in praise of Love.

Bring your hands out and around in a circle as you feel Love spreading over the whole earth.

Kneel and offer your hands to the work of Love, knowing that this work is already accomplished in your heart.

Let you hands accept the fruits of Love: the peace, the knowledge, the joy.

Bend your head to the ground as you think of those times that you have not followed Love.

But then rise up, knowing that Love has never left you; and reach out to embrace even those who do not manifest Love toward you.

Offer your arm to be led by Love, knowing that in doing this you turn your back on hatred and fear and are delivered from them.

Join hands with the universe in Love.

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