Erotic Spirituality (Autobiography)

February 5, 2008

November, 1988 – :”Healing the Body Erotic” with Joseph Kramer: thirty men gathered in a dance studio. I knew about half of them. By the end of the weekend, I felt bonded to them all.

We started in two circles – men in the inner circle facing partners in the outer. We looked into each other’s eyes, held hands, took deep breaths and introduced ourselves. The outer circle moved left. Sometimes we stretched, made faces, pretended we were gorillas or sumo wrestlers, or massaged each other’s shoulders. We ended each encounter with a hug.

After an hour, we reformed into threes – each group with a blindfold. I was first to wear it. Then I heard Joe tell the other two to remove my clothing. When I was naked, I chose who would be stripped next.

For the rest of the day, we touched, danced, learned the rebirthing breath and the big draw – all in preparation for the next day, when we learned Taoist erotic massage. On a table, breathing the rebirthing breath, I was massaged by six men in succession while Joe gave instruction. At the end, I did a big draw and floated between consciousness and subconsciousness in a world I had before only dimly sensed. I was learning to turn off my egocentric mind and open up to Universal reality.

If erotic spirituality calls to you, I encourage you to find workshops where you can experience these erotic states. Body Electric, founded by Joe, offers classes for men alone, women alone, or men and women together. Other teachers offer similar instruction.

In this blog, I will present practices I’ve developed for working alone. While Taoist massage may be a group activity, it’s a solo experience – an experience of going inward.

2 Responses to “Erotic Spirituality (Autobiography)”

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