Solo Erotic Spirituality (Praxis)

February 5, 2008

A blog is not the best vehicle for presenting this topic. There are two videos that I recommend: Joseph Kramer’s “Evolutionary Masturbation” and Bruce Grether’s “Mindful Masterbation”. It’s also possible to have a private session with a masturbation coach, and you should consider this if this type of work calls to you.

Nevertheless, the are advantages to presenting this work here. It lets you get started without signing up for a workshop or ordering a DVD. It also gives you my way of practice, which is slightly different from those taught by other teachers.

My practice of erotic spiritality has four parts:

Preparation by awakening the chakras through breath, touch, movement and meditation.

Self stimulation with rebirthing breath.

The big draw.

Meditation after the big draw.

In the next few weeks, I’ll focus, one at a time, on each of these elements, beginning with meditation to awaken the chakras. If you’re not familiar with the centers of energy that in Eastern thought are called chakras, please read “A Brief Introduction to the Chakras” and try the simple exercise that you’ll find there.

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