Energizing the Chakras through Movement and Meditation

February 19, 2008

Part I – The Third Eye

[If you are not familiar with the Chakras, please see my essay, “A Brief Introduction to the Chakras.”]

There are a number of techniques that open and balance the chakras. One of the simplest, that of directed breath, was explained last week.

Physical motion also awakens chakra energy. It has been part of my practice for many years. This posting presents the first of a series of meditations. These meditations each have two parts: a physical preparation and a period of focusing attention on a chakra . The physical preparation is cumulative; on day one you do an exercise for one chakra; on day two, the exercises for two chakras, etc. These motions for the chakras will be used in the erotic spiritual practices that will be presented in future postings.

The physical preparations use the rebirthing breath taught in Body Electric. It’s a rather rapid, shallow breath with strong inhalations and relaxed exhalations – actively breathing in and passively breathing out. If you forcibly expel the air you create anxiety through hyperventilation.

For days one through four, sit cross-legged on a cushion or on a firm chair with a straight back. Wear only loose clothing – perhaps just a simple robe.

Day one starts with forty-nine rebirthing breaths. On each inhalation, raise your eyebrows quickly, opening your eyes as wide as possible. On each exhalation, let your eyes and eyebrows return to normal. Next, close your eyes and take three breaths visualizing the air going into the third eye (directed breath). This completes the active portion for the first day. Now, for fifteen minutes sit with eyes closed focusing on the third-eye. If distracting thoughts come, note them, take three directed breaths into the third eye, and return to focusing on the third eye.

For the next six days, I’ll post meditations for awakening specific chakras from the throat to the root and ending with the crown.

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