Energizing the Chakras – Part V

February 23, 2008

The Sexual Chakra (Fifth of a sequence of seven meditations)

Begin this meditation standing naked. First do the active portion of day four in this standing position – the movements and breathing for the third eye, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, and the power chakra as presented in my previous four postings. Follow this with forty-nine rebirthing breaths done more rapidly than before. With each inhalation thrust the bottom of your pelvis forward as you squeeze the muscles around the perineum (the muscles you would use if you had been urinating and wanted to stop the flow). With each exhalation rock your pelvis back and relax the muscles around the perineum. Now take three directed breaths into the sexual chakra point. Next, with a slower breath, rock your pelvis back as you breathe in and contract the muscles around the perineum. Then relax as you exhale and let the pelvis rock forward. Do this forty-nine times. Take three directed breaths into the sexual chakra point. This completes the active portion of day five.

Now sit cross-legged on a towel-covered cushion (or sit on a firm chair with a straight back). Focus on the sexual chakra point for fifteen minutes. If distracting thoughts come, note them, take three directed breaths into the sexual chakra point, and return to focusing your attention there.

Tomorrow I’ll post a meditation to help awaken the root chakra.

One Response to “Energizing the Chakras – Part V”

  1. Ty Ford said

    Hello from Sunny Baltimore, MD.

    I am in the midst of a transformation. Having discovered Rosalyn Bruyere
    four years ago, I now find myself in training with one of her original students on the path of chakra balancing, a hands on (or off) practice, and doing well with it.

    As a musician, I was interested to learn of the connection between the colors of the chakras and the frequencies of sound. Based on these thoughts and some early anecdotal evidence, I’m not certain, but I think I’m on to something. So far, I have had most people report that the soundscapes I have created do, in fact, stimulate the specific chakras intended.

    My latest thoughts have led me to combine all seven soundscapes. I was not prepared for the resulting symphony. I have a short version of it online and would appreciate any response you might have to it.



    Ty Ford

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