Energizing the Chakras – Part VII

February 25, 2008

The Crown Chakra (Seventh of a sequence of seven meditations)

[If you have not done the previous six meditations, I suggest that you start with part one, posted on February 19th and do the meditations one day at a time. Each meditation builds on the previous day’s work.]

The last day’s meditation has a freer form. It starts with the active portion of day six – the movements and breathing for the third eye, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the power chakra, the sexual chakra, and the root chakra. One possibility is to follow this with seven directed breaths into the crown chakra (a few inches above the top of the head) raising your arms on each inhalation and feeling energy rise from root to crown. Then sit focusing on the crown chakra for fifteen minutes. If distracting thoughts come, note them, take three directed breaths into the crown chakra point, and return to your concentration.

That day could be a time to let a ritual develop using your intuition to guide you. If you wish to do this, start by sitting and envisioning what you might need for your ritual. Get what you think you will need, even if you don’t yet know how you will use it. Do the movements for all the chakras. Then allow your ritual to develop. Record what you did in a journal. (I’ll say more about journaling in a future posting).

The following is an extract from my journal:

After doing the directed breath into the root chakra, I knelt and splashed water from a bowl onto each chakra point. Then I rose and let my body move in whatever way it wanted. In this manner, I danced for about five minutes. Then I sat cross-legged and experienced a mild but definite kundilini [rising energy from root to crown]. I concentrated on the crown chakra for about ten minutes.

Next week I’ll focus on breath and the big draw – two important elements in erotic spiritual practice.

2 Responses to “Energizing the Chakras – Part VII”

  1. wanderer7 said

    does the crown chakra connect you to god? or the higher self?

    does it awaken spontaneously?

    I often feel as if it is a funnel on the top of my head, drawing down threads of truth and wisdom from the rest of the cosmos

    much attention is given to the third eye, probably at the expense of the other chakras

    blessings, and love and light

  2. […] chakras one through six.  It may be done concentrating on one chakra a day for six days – with a meditation on the crown chakra done on the seventh day.  You will need privacy, a rug or pad on the floor, and a small pillow for […]

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