A Response to Wanderer7

February 28, 2008

Wanderer7 has proposed some provocative questions. In attempting to answer them, I’m keenly aware of the deficiencies of language. We are dealing with areas that, at best, are only known subjectively. This is one of the reasons much of this blog is devoted to practices rather than theory.

Wanderer7 asked, “Does the crown chakra connect you to God? or the higher self?”

The crown chakra does not connect us to God because we are already a part of God. Even Christian scriptures recognize this. Saint Paul said, “In Him we live and move and have our being”(Acts 17:28). Our task as humans is not to become connected to God but to realize that we are connected. The crown chakra does connect us with the higher self, which is a part of ourselves that knows we are part of God. The crown chakra and the higher self work to bring our consciousness into the knowledge of oneness.

“Does it awaken spontaneously?”

I think it may – but it’s helpful to have techniques.

Wanderer7 states, “I often feel as if it is a funnel on the top of my head, drawing down threads of truth and wisdom from the rest of the cosmos.”

This strikes me as a good description of the subjective sensation of an open crown chakra.

Thank you, Wanderer7. for your thoughts.

Incidentally, Wanderer7 has his own blog with some wonderful words and graphics on a site of The Gaia Community.

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