Preparation for Erotic Self Massage

March 4, 2008

You’ll need privacy. You’ll need oil or lubricant. Many men prefer warm coconut oil, while women often have a favorite personal lubricant .

Music helps create a mood. An amplified MP3 player (iPod) is a great aid in getting the right music. (Before these were available. I transcribed music onto audio cassettes)

I choose compositions that help me breathe rhythmically for thirty minutes, building in intensity up to the big draw, After the big draw, I use the most beautiful music I can find. Music that I have used to lead up to the big draw: “Mars” from Holst’s “The Planets,” “Danse de la Terre” from Stravinsky’s “The Firebird” and Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries.” After the big draw: “Venus” from Holst’s “The Planets,” “Sanctus” and “In Paradisum” from Faure’s “Requiem.”

Before trying this massage, practice the breathing. Stretch out on a mat or towel. Become aware of your breathing. If you have music, breath in rhythm with it. Otherwise, start with normal breathing and let it become faster, with all the emphasis on inhalation – relaxing on exhalation.

After five to fifteen minutes of breathing, practice the big draw. Take a full, deep breath and hold it. Lift you shoulders and legs. Clench your abdomen, your buttocks. and your fists. When you feel a rush, relax completely. You have done a big draw.

Lay quietly for five to ten minutes. Then slowly bring yourself up to a cross-legged sitting position, hands on your knees, palms up. Visualize energy coming down through your crown chakra as you inhale and going out through your palms as you exhale. Continue this meditation for five to fifteen minutes.

In next week’s posting I’ll present some general techniques for erotic self massage that apply both to men and women.

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