Techniques for Erotic Self Massage

March 10, 2008

Begin your session with the physical motions for the chakras given in my previous postings (Awakening the Chakras, Parts I-VII). They will prepare your body to circulate erotic energy and help you get in touch with your breathing. (You can find these motions all in one place on my web site.)

After doing these motions, stretch out on a mat or towel. Become aware of your breathing. Let it become faster, with the emphasis on the inhalation – relaxing on the exhalation. If you have music, let it guide your breathing.

Let your hands explore your body. As you get into the feeling of being alive and fully present, apply some lubricant to your hands and and from your hands to your genitals.

Make full strokes over the genitals and up across your chest, including your nipples. Move slowly.

Stroke up your legs, ending with a caress of your sex organs.

Vibrate one hand on your genitals and one hand on each of the other chakra points, from the root up to the third eye. As you vibrate, take five slow deep breaths for each chakra.

Make sounds as you practice.

In order to have prolonged stimulation, vary the strokes while maintaining the rapid breath.

You may practice lying on your back, sitting, kneeling, or standing and moving around. One technique of standing and moving to music has been labeled “danceterbation.”

If close to ejaculation, move your body. If you’re on your back, lift your legs and, with knees wide apart, pump energy by pulling one knee at a time toward your chest.

After about a half hour, do a big draw. Then lie quietly for several minutes.

In next week’s postings, I’ll present specific techniques for men and for women.

2 Responses to “Techniques for Erotic Self Massage”

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