Erotic Self-Massage for a Man

March 17, 2008

You’ve done the Preparation and awakened your body. Now focus on specific techniques. Avoid the stroke you learned in adolescence – one hand up and down the shaft. Use the strokes given here, but also invent your own. This is play

  • Wake up the cock by gently squeezing it
  • With your cock pointed toward your chest (12:00 o’clock) stroke from the base to the tip. Continue to stroke as you move your cock to one, two, and through the hours down to six, where you hold your cock in one hand and stroke with the other – then up through seven, eight … to twelve again. Let your cock-clock run backwards.
  • With lots of oil, rub your cock with flat palms, one on each side.
  • Hold your cock in one hand and massage the tip with the other.
  • Massage the underside of the cock between tip and shaft with small circles.
  • Vibrate with the heel of your hand over the shaft and the fingers over your balls. With your other hand caress your thighs or gently pinch your nipples.
  • Wrap one hand around your cock, with the thumb close to the body. Squeeze as you slide up the shaft. As one hand leaves your cock, the other is ready to slide up.
  • Vibrate the root chakra and the third eye.
  • With one hand, pull the skin of your cock toward the base; with the other, twist the cock in one direction or back and forth.
  • Anal play and the use of a dildo can increase your ability to raise erotic energy.

After about thirty minutes of massage, or when your music climaxes, do a big draw as described in “Preparation for Erotic Self Massage.”

Next week, I’ll cover meditation for after the big draw.

On January 16, 2011, I’ll be hosting a tele-seminar, on the theme of Sex and Spirituality.

4 Responses to “Erotic Self-Massage for a Man”

  1. Bill said

    Cool! Thanks for providing this wonderful erotic service. The second exercise (cock at 12 o’clock) reminds me of “The Body Erotic” technique called “rock around the cock”. I have been experimenting with many of the same exercises recently. Today, thanks to being in Palm Springs, I was able to enjoy the energy of lying on a mat in the pool with my cock in full sunlight while squeezing and relaxing my buttocks. It’s a delightful way to stimulate yourself hands free!

  2. […] with the lower chakras is done without clothing. We use erotic stimulation, as discussed in other postings, to send erotic energy to all the other chakras. This is done first with a partner and then alone. […]

  3. that cms design is awesome is it available for free ?

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