Erotic Self-Massage for a Woman

March 17, 2008

You’ve done the Preparation for Erotic Self Massage. You’ve awakened your body as described in Techniques for Erotic Self Massage. Now it’s time to focus on specific techniques you can use as a woman. This is by no means a complete list. Be playful. Let yourself discover what is right for you.

  • Make full strokes over the vulva with a flat palm, alternating hands.
  • Using one finger on each side of the outer labia, vibrate the flesh.
  • Gently squeeze the labia between the thumb and fingers of one hand, helping to increase blood flow. While squeezing, let your other hand massage your breasts or the inside of your thighs, thus circulating erotic energy.
  • Rub, tug and pinch one labia between your thumb and fingertips. Some women may prefer to do this on the outer labia, others on the inner.
  • Circle your forefinger between the inner and outer labia from the perineum to above the clitoris.
  • Use three fingers gliding upward, one on each side of the labia and one in between.
  • Pat or slap the vulva with a slightly curved palm, alternating with pats on the chest, belly and legs.

After about thirty minutes of massage, or when the music you’ve prepared reaches a climax, go into a big draw as described in Preparation for Erotic Self Massge.”

Next week, I’ll cover meditation for after the big draw.

On January 16, 2011, I’ll be hosting a tele-seminar with the them of Sex and Spirituality.

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