Meditation After the Big Draw

March 24, 2008

As Joe Kramer teaches erotic massage, the time after the big draw is spent lying still on the table. The masseur may cover his partner with a sheet, though I often request my masseur not to do this. I prefer to lie still or let my body move as it will. Sometimes I find myself reaching up with my hands.

Between five and ten minutes after a big draw, I like to come up to a cross-legged sitting position. If I’m being massaged rather than doing self massage, I tell the masseur that I may do this and that this should not be a sign that it’s all right to touch me or offer water. I want to be in a meditative state as long a possible. I don’t worry about an exact position or about keeping still.

After you have done the erotic self massage and big draw as descibed in previous postings, I encourage you to go into this meditation. The upright position allows you to feel your connection to the Universe through your crown chakra. With that chakra open, you will sense universal energy flowing to all your chakras. As you bring that energy into your heart and ground it between your feet, you will make that connection permanent. Fifteen minutes is a minimum for experiencing this connection.

You may see a symbol of this connection in your mind’s eye. If so, take time to draw it using colored pencils, crayons, or felt-tip markets. Later, you can use this symbol to reconnect with your experience.

In addition to producing a deep meditative state, erotic massage may aid in purification, may help access inner wisdom, and may help make firm our intentions to the point where they may actually affect the physical universe. I’ll explore these potentials in future postings.

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