Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 22-49 (Part Two)

March 24, 2008

The statements that I remember from my Intensive Journal work aren’t those by its creator, Ira Progoff, nor by the workshop leader. Rather they are statements that came to me during the workshops. Progoff has a concept he calls a “mantra crystal.” This is a statement one creates that has seven sylables and is repeated silently on one breath as a form of meditation.

One early mantra crystal that came to me was “people passing on the street.” I relate this to the idea of finding divinity in all persons

A second phrase came to me at the end of a workshop, in an exercise designed to sum up everything that had occurred. It was a double mantra crystal, fourteen syllables to be repeated silently on two breaths. “Holy Ground of Our Being, teach us we are one with Thee.”

This blog, in many ways, is a product of the responses I have received from this prayer. Next week, I’ll write about one of these responses.

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