Notes on a Meditation Practice (Praxis)

March 31, 2008

For a general introduction to meditation, see my website.

At Easton Mountain, where I live, there are a number of places that are good for meditation, including a cabin specially constructed for energy healing. It’s useful to have a special place for meditation, but it’s not necessary. It can be helpful to have an altar with objects that you feel relate you to the spiritual. Creating an altar is, in itself, a sacred praxis.

One practice which helps us enter into deep meditation is, in Buddhism, called mindfulness. I describe two exercises in mindfulness on my website, in a section called “Work Meditations.”

Right now, if you have sufficient privacy you can practice the first work meditation by taking off your clothes. Begin by saying to yourself, “I am starting the work meditation.” Then say, “I am now removing my right shoe,” and remove your right shoe; “I am now removing my left shoe,” … “I am now removing my right sock” … “I am now removing my left sock.” Continue until you have removed your clothes. Then put them on using the same meditation.

Probably the hardest thing about the work meditation is remembering to do it, but if you make a point of practicing the work meditation by undressing and dressing you will remember to use the same practice while undressing for bed, changing clothes, or dressing in the morning. Every time you do the work meditation with a particular activity, you make it more likely that you will remember to do the work meditation the next time you do that same activity.

Next week, I will describe some meditations that may be done while walking.

2 Responses to “Notes on a Meditation Practice (Praxis)”

  1. Yes indeed, the ‘work meditations’ are very effective, but very hard to remember doing. I forget them more than I remember them. Doing a retrospection on your day when going to bed helps with this. Then you remember that you should have done them. After a few days/weeks 🙂 you start to remember more.

  2. Thank you, Olivier, for your comment. Your right that it’s hard to remember to do the work meditations. That’s why I recommend taking a specific time each day when, for no other reason than to practice the work meditation, you use it to strip off all your clothes and then put your clothes back on again. If you do this for one week, you’ll find yourself remembering to do the meditation when you dress in the morning, change your clothes during the day, and get ready for bed at night.

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