Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 22-49 (Part Three)

March 31, 2008

“Holy Ground of Our Being, teach us we are one with thee” – the prayer that came at the end of a Journal Workshop.

One response came shortly after. I attended a workshop led by an African named Moses Yao. He gave us a ritual that involved an egg, which I was to keep for one week resting on a dish of cornmeal. Each night I was to tell the egg what I wanted. Moses said that what I told the egg would change from night to night, becoming simpler.

Late evening on the seventh day I sat in a friend’s back yard in rural New Jersey. My only request was that I should know that my life was guided by God.

Without making a conscious decision, I found myself walking across the lawn to a gate that led to a dirt road. I passed through it and walked up the road. I noticed a second gate on my right and had a sense that I should pass through it. This led to a field. I crossed the field. The lights of a car on the nearby paved road showed me that the area was grassy. I walked to the road and back to my friend’s home.

Next morning, I again walked through the first gate. When I came to the second, I discovered that the dirt road ahead was blocked by a pile of brush. In the dark, I could have stumbled into it. Then l looked past that second gate and discovered the field was much muddier than I had known, yet I had crossed it without stepping in any water or mud.

I count this experience as the beginning of my life as a spiritual explorer.

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