Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 50-58 (Part One)

April 8, 2008

This was a time of exploring erotic spirituality, primarily through workshops led by Joseph Kramer.  I continued this exploration by leading my own workshops.


My first work with Joe was a two-day workshop called “Healing the Body Erotic.”  There, I learned that homosexuality was no barrier to the sexual-spiritual awakening I had read about in Allan Watts’ book.


In 1990, I want to California to be part of the first six-day program,  “Dear Love of Comrades.” I repeated this program in 1991. In 1992, I was part of a sixteen-day program called Sacred Intimate Training, a leadership program for those who do this work.  In 1993 I was part of the first six-day program for both and women, and in 1994 I was part of an intensive in conscious breath-work.


My massage workshops became one-day workshops for men called Awakening Chakra Energy. They presented erotic spirituality as I have come to understand it and as I am presenting it on this blog.  I no longer offer these workshops, but do give private sessions to men who come to Easton Mountain, where I now live.


At the end of one of these workshops, a participant said something both gratifying and indicative of the problems involved in discussing this work.  He said, “I came here to learn, but what really happened was, I grew.”  If I talk about something I’ve learned, I can easily put it into words It’s much harder to talk about a growth experience. When it’s over, I just know that in some way I face life with more equanimity, clearer direction, renewed hope, and a greater certainty that I am walking a spiritual path.


In the next few weeks, I’ll discuss some of the ways that my experiences with erotic spirituality were growth experiences.

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