Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 50-58 (Part Two)

April 14, 2008

When I think of Wildwood, I think of the road that winds up the side of a mountain for five miles to the conference center. Wildwood is often referred to as “the mountain.” I think of the view of the valley from Julie Andrews Point. (Only a gay man would think of that name.) I think of the path leading down from the point – a path where I walked naked in the summer of 1992 and found a sense of oneness with nature.

These are superficial memories. There are deeper moments, harder to capture – some of them joyous, some solemn – like the night after we did the exercise called “practice dying,” when I really felt dead. Then I looked over the valley at night and knew that it was my place to stand with one foot in heaven or nirvana and one foot on earth, realizing again as I had known from the first that at Wildwood I felt the hand of Spirit more strongly than anywhere else.

The name of the first program at “Wildwood, “The Dear Love of Comrades,” has special significance for me. I don’t believe that anyone learns to love. I have learned ways to unlock the love I have. After removing the blocks, love flows. That was my experience during that program.

Next week I’ll discuss how my experiences with erotic spirituality helped me handle the death of my father.

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