April 28, 2008

Mudras are hand positions used during meditation. One common mudra is done by holding the hands palms up and pressing the tips of each thumb against the tips of one of the other fingers on the same hand. I’ve found that the mudra is more effective if the inside (medial corner) of your thumb nail is pressed against one side of the nail on another finger. In this manner you can create eight mudras.

Mudra 1 Mudra 2 Mudra 3 Mudra 4 Mudra 5 Mudra 6 Mudra 7 Mudra 8

I often use these mudras while chanting eight repetitions of “Om, d’om, om sid-hi.” – which is the chant given in last week’s posting – one mudra for each repetition.

Here’s how you can combine the chant and the mudras in a session of meditation. If you have privacy, start by mindfully removing your clothes. Then sit cross-legged. Press the medial corner of each thumb nail against the adjacent corner of the nail on your first finger. Chant “Om, d’om, om sid-hi,” as described in last week’s posting. Press your thumb nail of each hand against the opposite corner of the first finger nail on the same hand. Again chant, “Om, d’om, om sid-hi.” Continue in this manner, chanting the mudra six more times. Then sit cross-legged for twenty to thirty minutes focusing on your breath. Press the inside of each thumb against the medial edge of your ring finger (the edge closer to the thumb). Either have your hands resting on your knees or place them in your lap with the tips of first, index and little fingers each touching the corresponding tips on the other hand.

Next week I’ll give further suggestions for practicing conscious breath meditation.

One Response to “Mudras”

  1. […] using a succession of the eight mudras given on April 28th, chant “Om, d’om om sid-hi,” eight times. Begin Vipassana and continue until the timer […]

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