Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 59-64 (Part One)

May 12, 2008

During this period I developed healing skills through the Inner Focus School. I also worked with Native American spirituality.

My work with Inner Focus started with a series of fortuitous events – perhaps the guiding of Spirit. In 1995, an acquaintance gave me a cassette of an interview with Dr. Robert Jaffe in which he describes how he perceived disease-causing energies

I learned that Dr. Jaffe would speak in NYC. I arranged to meet a friend at the lecture but was detained. Dr. Jaffe didn’t speak; but an assistant from his school, The School of Energy Mastery, presented the program, which included a healing. My friend was impressed.

Later, she told me of a three-day workshop in Florida given by a teacher in Dr. Jaffe’s school, AlixSandra Parness. We attended.

I wanted to study energy healing further. The school offered a course called Basic –  an introduction to intensive study. One was offered in February, 1996, led by Dr. Jaffee and another in June, led by another teacher. Both were in Arizona. I asked my boss if I should take vacation in February or June, thinking he would say February, as I had a major project due in June. He said to finish the project and then take vacation. As June approached, I discovered that, at the same time as the class in Arizona, AlixSandra Parness was teaching a Basic in Pennsylvania.

I already knew AlixSandra and I could take a train rather than fly. I didn’t realize at the time that the Pennsylvania class was not under the auspices of Dr. Jaffe but under the Inner Focus School for Advanced Energy Healing, newly created by AlixSandra.

My trip to Pennsylvania included preparation for a vision quest.  I’ll tell you more about it next week.

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