Thoughts on Meditation

May 12, 2008

When doing a sitting meditation like Vipassana, you may find your body wants to move.  That’s okay. Just observe what the body is doing. Don’t try to sit still.  Just as your mind becomes more quiet when you observe your thoughts, so as you observe your body you’ll gradually become still.

You may experience strong emotions. Just watch them.  Don’t try to suppress them.  They will pass just like the urge to move passes.

You may also see dreamlike images.  This is the beginning of the opening of your third eye, the beginning of clairvoyance. Watch these images, enjoy them, but don’t get so caught up in them that you fail to watch your breath.

I usually meditate cross-legged on a cushion.  I have what is called a Zen cushion.  It measures twelve inches by fifteen inches and is about five inches thick.  It is fairly firm, being stuffed with buckwheat hulls. Some people us a small round cushion called a “zafu.”  Because I meditate naked, I cover my cushion with a towel.

Having the buttocks elevated helps keep the back straight.  When I use my Zen cushion I can sit for a fairly long time without my back being supported.  Before I bought this cushion, I often meditated with my back against a wall.

Occasionally, I meditate standing, with my arms held slightly out from my sides, in the manner of the Jains.

Meditation is often done with eyes closed, but I prefer to meditate with my eyes only partly closed – that is with relaxed eyelids shut far enough that nothing is seen clearly, but if you waived your hand in front of my face I would notice the motion.

Next week I’ll describe a typical late afternoon meditation.

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