A Late Afternoon Meditation

May 19, 2008

This meditation uses several techniques presented in previous postings:  the work meditation, chanting, mudras, and Vipassana.  If you’re not yet familiar with these techniques, you can get more information through the links.

In privacy, use the work meditation to remove your clothes.  Next light two candles.  Set an electronic timer to give a signal in thirty-five minutes.  Turn off the lights and position yourself – either standing or seated on a cushion.

Silently or audibly, ask the Great Spirit to assist you in your meditation and in your daily life.  If it seems right to you, conclude with these words:

May I see what You would have me see; may I hear what You would have me hear; may I feel what You would have me feel; may I know what You would have me know; that I may do what You would have me do and walk in the way You would have me walk.

Then, using a succession of the eight mudras given on April 28th, chant “Om, d’om om sid-hi,” eight times. Begin Vipassana and continue until the timer sounds.

If you’ve been seated, stand and note any changes in your body which may indicate your connection with Spirit.  Thank the Great Spirit for the help you’ve received. After turning on the room lights, snuff out the candles (Candles used in rituals should be either snuffed or allowed to burn out. Blowing them out scatters their energies.) Then, use the work meditation to dress. Set your intention to continue the work meditation through whatever you do next.

My entry for next week will cover connecting with your Higher Self through meditation.

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