Higher Self Meditation

May 27, 2008

If you are to have an inner-directed spiritual life, your connection with your Higher Self is critical.  It is also the area of this blog that is most problematic in that each person experiences his connection with Higher Self in a different way – even using different names for the Higher Self. As you work for connection you must watch for signals that confirm your connection. As you learn to recognize those signals, you will have tools that you can use each time you go to your Higher Self.

Begin your meditation by setting your intention for communion with your Higher Self, perhaps answering a question you may have. I begin my Higher Self meditation with fifteen minutes of Vipassana. I follow this with fifteen minutes of free dancing. For these two periods, I use a CD made for a totally different meditation called Dynamic.  The last two tracks on the CD consist of fifteen minutes of total silence followed by fifteen minutes of music for free dancing.  Starting the CD with the fourth track, I sit for fifteen minutes of Vipassana and then dance for fifteen minutes.  This is followed by fifteen minutes or more of journaling.  It is during this time that I ask questions of my Higher Self.

It is a basic premise of this blog that your spiritual exploration should be under the guidance of your Higher Self. At the same time, this guidance must be used intelligently. My conviction is that Higher Self guidance always works for the highest good of all concerned. If you think you’re getting guidance that could hurt yourself or other people, it isn’t from your Higher Self.

5 Responses to “Higher Self Meditation”

  1. rose said

    Communion with higher self is ok, but I didn’t get one thing in this article that what is the essence doing vipassana and dynamic meditation together. Well there is a long list of meditation, like gibbrish, dynamic, active, mantra, chakra, vipassna, walking, dance meditation & many more meditation techniques on this page,

    In vipassna, we sit in ‘sakshi bhaav’ means being a witness of our body & thoughts, but then if we turn to dance meditation, we have wiped out the benefits which we got while doing vipassana. Yes this is fine that one can do dance as well by being witness of your own body. But then too I am not agree.

  2. Thank you Rose for your thoughts. We who write about spiritual practice need to keep in mind the first sentence of the Book of the Tao – one translation of which is, “A way can be a guide but not a fixed path.” All I can do in my blog is present what has worked for me. If something doesn’t work for you, you’re free to search until you find what does work.

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