Higher Self Signals

June 3, 2008

The first time you do the Higher Self Meditation you should ask for a signal that confirms your Higher Self connection and the signals that your HIgher Self will use to answer “Yes” or “No.”  These signals may be felt as vibrations or energy anywhere in your body.  If you keep a journal, describe your signals in it.

At one time, I would feel a “Yes” answer as an energy in my left knee and a “No” answer as an energy in my right knee – but I had to hold my hand over my knee to feel the energy. This was awkward when standing. I asked my Higher Self to change the signal and now feel the energies nearer my hips and waist.

Some people use a pendulum to get answers from the Higher Self. A wooden bob attached to a string makes a simple pendulum. Hold the string in one hand and steady the bob with the other. Ask your Higher Self for a “Yes” signal and observe the motion of the pendulum. Then ask for a “No” signal.

In working with my Higher Self, I find it’s necessary to ask my questions clearly. The way I ask affects the answer I get. If I ask, “Is it all right if I … ?” I will almost always get a “Yes” answer, because my Higher Self accepts everything I do. If, concerning the same possible action, I ask, “Is it for the highest good of all concerned if I … ?” I may get a “No” answer. Sometimes I get a “Yes” and “No” signal simultaneously. I then ask, “Are you telling me to use my own discernment?” and receive a “Yes” answer. Sometimes simultaneous “Yes” and “No” signals indicate that my Higher Self is unwilling to answer my questions.

Next week I’ll present other techniques for getting guidance from your Higher Self.

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