Spiritual Autobiography – Ages 59-64 (Part Four)

June 3, 2008

Sacred Hoop Week wasn’t what I expected.  We had sweats with Standing Elk and with Arlo, another shaman – but no mention of vision quests. When I spoke to Arlo, he gave me some tobacco and said to take it, put it in Standing Elks hands, and ask him to guide me in a quest.

I put the tobacco in Standing Elks hands Some started to fall. I caught it in my cap. He let all the tobacco fall into the cap and then said, “Put it on your head. It will help your gray hair.”

I told him I wanted to do a vision quest. He said I needed an eight-inch eagle feather  and should go out and look along the river.

It seemed that this search was the first part of my quest. I found a two-inch feather –  not the eight inches that Standing Elk said was necessary. Nevertheless, I kept it.

I found the skull of an animal, but left it where I found it.  

I walked north along the river and found a dark gray feather with white specks, about eight inches long. Standing Elk said this was a  turkey-buzzard feather which shouldn’t be used unless I was “heyoka,” a Lakota sacred fool.

I went back to the river, walked south, but found no feathers. I came upon the skull. Something seemed to say, “Take it.” At the river, I stripped naked and washed it. A buzzard flew in an arc around me, landing on a tree with two other buzzards. When I told this to Standing Elk and Arlo, they agreed this was a sign that I should use the skull and feather for my quest.

I’ll write about other preparations next week.

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