More on Working with Your Higher Self

June 9, 2008

I look for Higher-Self guidance in determining my daily spiritual practice – using index cards, with the name of a practice written on each one. These are practices that have been or will be described in this blog  – such as Vipassana, Higher Self Meditation, Walking Meditation, Erotic Self Massage – or guided meditations available from Inner Focus and Sounds True.  One card says “No special activity today.”  One says, “Use your own discernment.”

I sit naked in my room, the cards spread in front of me, face down. I pass a hand over the cards and look for a pulse in my hand. To check that it actually is the card and not something in the room. I put the card aside and pass my hand over the remaining cards. If I no longer get a pulse, I know I have the correct card; but I check by asking “Is this the correct practice?” looking for a “Yes” signal from my Higher Self.

In writing for this blog, I use index cards that say, “Use text as written,” “Change text,”  and “Use your own discernment.”  Sitting naked with a printout in front of me along with these three cards, face down, I look for the card that makes my hand pulse.  If that card says “Change text,” I ask my Higher Self what changes should be made and then use the cards again to see if any more changes are needed.

Try this technique.  If it doesn’t work for you, try something else. What every method you hit upon, use it only to make decisions for yourself.  To use it to make decisions for others deprives them of their own Higher Self connection.

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