Walking Breath Meditation

June 16, 2008

This meditation is done outdoors. It begins with one half hour of slow walking while chanting “om, d’om, om sid-hi,” – taking four steps for the first “om” followed by a quick breath, four steps for “d’om” followed by a quick breath, then two steps for the second “om” and one step for each of the two syllables in “sid-hi,” and then four steps slowly inhaling – then repeating the whole pattern.

The second part of the meditation is up to fifteen minutes of jogging or running. It is, of course, important not to overexert yourself. You should stop as soon as you are winded. One minute or less may be enough for some. Fifteen is only for seasoned athletes.

After running, one should sit for fifteen minutes of Vipassana.

I’m fortunate, living as I do at Easton Mountain, that I can do this meditation naked. I have done it in locations where clothing was necessary.

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