Chakra Affirmations

July 1, 2008

Awakening chakras is not merely bringing awareness to them. One must accept the transformation that comes from awakening their energy. Affirmations can help.

This program takes ten weeks. Let intuition guide you as to whether to do the full program or just work on areas of difficulty.

To use affirmations, divide a sheet of paper in half with a vertical line. On the left, write the affirmation ten times, using the following form “I, [your name] [affirmation.]” For the crown chakra I might write, “I, Sunfire, am willing to know and live from my connection with Spirit.”

Note any thoughts in the right-hand column – particularly those that contradict your affirmation. When you’ve finished, write,, “This or something better now manifests for me for the highest good of all concerned.”

Use one affirmation for ten days. On the first, fourth, seventh and tenth days, write your affirmation in the first person. On the second, fifth, and eighth days, use the second person, for example: “You, Sunfire, are willing …..” On the third, sixth, and ninth days, use the third person – “He, Sunfire, is willing ….”

The following are affirmations for the remaining chakras: Use them or create others that speak to you.

  • Third eye – I, [name], am willing to follow my search for truth wherever it leads
  • Throat – I, [name], am willing to communicate openly and freely with anyone on any subject.
  • Heart – I, [name], am willing to open my heart to all God’s creaton.
  • Power – I, [name], am willing to receive freely and to give from the abundance that I have received.
  • Sexual – I, [name], am willing to experience the full extent of my creative powers.
  • Root – I, [name], am willing to experience the my connection with Earth.

Let your Higher Self show you which affirmations to use, and their order.

2 Responses to “Chakra Affirmations”

  1. […] One way to increase your willingness, or at least show you where your willingness is stuck is to use affirmations. My method for working with affirmations is covered in Chakra Affirmations. […]

  2. Angela said

    Hi. I’ve recently found out about affirmations. It just changed my life. Great article here. Very inspiring. Guess what, I found this site and learn more about others who share same interests. Sign up – it’s free. Hope to see you there.

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