Walking Meditation

July 14, 2008

One of the meditation practices that we did during the retreat called Experiencing the Heart of Stillness was a walking meditation. It has become an important meditation for me, and I’m presenting it here as I have been teaching it at Easton Mountain retreats.

Begin standing.  You will need a space, indoors our outdoors, where you can walk forward at least twelve steps.  Let your gaze rest on a spot at the end of your space. Become aware of the beating of your heart and the pulsing of blood in your veins.  Let your breath synchronize to this: four heartbeats for each inhalation, four for each exhalation. On an exhalation, shift your weight to one foot.

On the next inhalation, lift your other foot and bring it forward, placing it on the ground as you change from inhalation to exhalation. Shift your weight to that foot as you exhale.  Repeat this for the next step.

In this manner, slowly walk to the other end of your space. Note any thoughts that come and gently bring your awareness back to your walking,  When you reach the end of your space, take several slow steps to turn around and focus. This is a good time to note what your mind has been doing, and to gently bring it back to focusing on walking.

Twenty to thirty minutes is a good length of time for a walking meditation.

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