Sex Magick

July 21, 2008

Sex magick is the use of sex to bypass the part of the mind that inhibits manifestation. It begins with an intention. I might set an intention for the success of a workshop—or even for something greater, like world peace. I create this intention with a statement: “Today I am raising and sending out erotic energy for the purpose of ….” I write down this statement. Then I draw a  symbol that embodies it. I tape this to a wall where I can see it. Then I prepare for and begin erotic massage.

Sending out energy could be done through a big draw, but many practitioners of sex magick do it through ejaculation. After raising energy for at least a half hour, I allow myself to ejaculate. My goal at this moment is to focus completely on the symbol and the intention. I allow the ejaculant to fall into a bowl of water. Then I sit in meditation. Later, I will pour the water on the earth, letting the energy that embodies my intention go into the earth.

Does sex magick work? My conviction is that it does, but not always in the way that I expect. The energy is sent out. What the Universe does with it is not under my control.

Early in my practice of sex magic I envisioned a spiritual center I called “The Ocean Ashram.” a place, possibly on Fire Island, where erotic spirituality could be taught.  The Ocean Ashram never came to pass, but I now live at Easton Mountain, a center where gay erotic spirituality is taught.  I don’t believe that my sex magick alone brought Easton Mountain into being – but I do believe that my energy became part of the force and spirit that created it.

3 Responses to “Sex Magick”

  1. magickfortherealworld said

    I wonder if dealing with the ejaculate is even necessary or is actually detrimental to the experience. I personally have always felt that after the peak of any magical experience you should ground and forget about it. Sitting and dealing with it for another 30 minutes to an hour seems like you are watering down the magic and holding onto some of the energy.

  2. Good comment! After the ejaculation I only sit in meditation for about five or ten minutes, and my intention is to ground and to clear my mind by focusing on my breath.

  3. Indeed, sex magick is powerful (and enjoyable) but alone it is only one facet of a much larger energy well of power. Combining sex magick with as many other types of magick as possible will lead to a greater output of creative energy. The universe is endless in her ideas and mimicing this spirituality leads to an incomparable completeness.

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