A Spiritual Energy Shower

July 28, 2008

In November 1999, I was part of a five-day class in energy healing offered by the Inner Focus School – one of the classes that lead to my certification in energy healing. Each day usually started at seven with Osho’s Dynamic Meditation. Our instructor often gave additional suggestions for incorporating elements not found in the basic meditation.

One morning she suggested that we ask a master to be present with us and help us in our meditation. I had earlier felt the presence of a spirit guide I call Master Thant, a being wise in the use of physical motion for spiritual development.

The last part of Dynamic Meditation is fifteen minutes of free dancing. During this period, I was guided through a series of movements that brought down energy from the higher chakras. The following are instructions for this practice.

Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart. Bring your hands into prayer position but with your hands about one inch apart. Holding this position, take ten slow, deep breaths, feeling the energy between your hands. 

Slowly bend backward and raise your hands until your arms are straight. Take three slow, deep breaths. Let the space between your palms be charged with energy from above. 

Open your arms to the sides, palms up while bending your knees slightly. Feel the energy shower over and through you. When your arms reach horizontal jump into the air and quickly turn the palms down, as you land. Feel the energy go all the way down to the root chakra. Continue slowly bringing your arms down and in front of you and up to prayer position, but with hands not touching. Repeat this two more times. After the third time, bring your hands together and bow.

One Response to “A Spiritual Energy Shower”

  1. Your Light said

    Sounds well worth trying – thanks for posting about it. Please feel free to add your spiritual posts to http://www.yourlight.co.uk to help spread the light 😉

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