Journaling: Your Log as a Spiritual Explorer

August 4, 2008

Journaling has long been recognized as a sacred praxis. It provides a record of  spiritual practice; it helps us reconnect with past experiences, and it is a tool for self-discovery and for exploring the Great Mystery.

Its drawback is that it is intellectual. In my early spiritual explorations, I thought more than I felt. I reached a point where, for a time, I put the tools of intellect aside so that I could know my feelings.

My current journal has three sections:

  1. Praxis log.
  2. Evening journal
  3. Dream log.

This posting discusses the praxis log (“praxis” being practice as opposed to theory).

The praxis log contains the date and the practice used. Some practices call for writing down thoughts, and these thoughts are written in the log following the name of the practice

Here are examples.  These practices have been described in this blog – or will be in future postings. 

  • 1/22/03: Work meditation while cleaning the meditation room.
  • 1/23/03: Rock purification.
  • 1/24/03: Enema for ritual cleansing.
  • 1/25/03: Raising up erotic energy for the purpose of receiving whatever the Universe gives.
  • 2/8/03:  Higher Self Meditation. Pope wrote, :Know thyself. Presume not God to scan.” The fallacy of this is that it assumes that we can know ourselves without knowing our relationship to that which is beyond ourselves. Only in knowing our connection with all that is, to the Great Mystery, can we sense the wonder of what we are.  Our task in life is to live from our connection to that great mystery.”

When I wrote the above passage, I wasn’t trying to make it something for publication. My aim was to get my thoughts down as quickly and accurately as possible. Self-censorship is deadly when journaling.

2 Responses to “Journaling: Your Log as a Spiritual Explorer”

  1. I agree with you on how important keeping a journal can be. I’d just add that while it can be intellectual, it doesn’t have to be. Mine was highly experiential.

  2. Ever since high school, I’ve had an interest in Eastern philosophy. I could never quite “get” all the terminology. In 1972, I took up TM, changed my grade in Organic Chem from a D to a B grade-the chem equations looked like stained glass windows after TM-right, I think I have a better handle on that teminology now!

    I like your idea of keeping a journal. I used to do it when I was teaching at MIU (Maharishi International University-in Fairfield, IA-now called MUM).
    I kept the info in my DayTimer, saying cryptic things like: “Clarity,” “Foggy,” “Blissy,” that kind of thing. The value was, I began to watch what I ate…ex: Yes, there is such a thing as a “sugar high,” and after six months of eating nothing but rice and dahl, I went from a size 36 to a size 32…yes, it is helpful.


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