Sacred Spaces

August 4, 2008


The thought of sacred spaces as been in my mind recently.  In June, I spent a week in Boulder, Colorado.  While there, I spent two days at nearby Dream Canyon.  On the first day, I was walking near the rim of the canyon, looking in the distance for suitable vistas to photograph.  Suddenly I realized that the most interesting photo was not in the distance, but right in front of me – a striking dead tree.


Tree at Dream Canyon

Tree at Dream Canyon

As I was walking around the tree, looking for the best angle for a picture, I barely noticed a pile of rocks about four feet from the tree.  It wasn’t until I had walked to the other side of the tree that I realized that someone had placed a second pile of rocks exactly on the opposite side of the tree.

It was then that I realized that someone had placed these rocks there to mark or consecrate this tree as sacred space.

I asked forgiveness for having entered this space without asking.  To further honor the sacred space I removed my clothes. When I had prayed and meditated, I walked barefoot until I was out of sight of the tree before dressing.

All Earth is sacred.  Some spots have been set aside and consecrated to remind us of this.  At Easton Mountain, where I live, four medicine wheels have been placed in the ground: one in the east, two in the north, and one on the mountain which is in the west.  Recently, a group of us created an altar and sacred space to the south.  I’ll describe how we did this in next week’s posting.

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