Enemas for Ritual Purification

August 11, 2008

I must admit that I’m a “clysterphile” (from clyster, meaning enema, with a suffix from philos,  love). Sometime in my adolescence I figured out that if my cock were hard, there was no cramping or discomfort associated with enemas. They became part of my sexual repertoire.

In 1990, I signed up for the first six-day intensive with Joseph Kramer. Prior to the intensive I received a written set of instructions, which said to bring an enema bag.

While there, we discussed taking enemas. I explained that to avoid cramping the bag should be only a foot or so above the anus, and added that it helped to have a hard cock. I went down to the bath house where I saw one man hang his bag from a bar several feet above his head, saying, “I like to feel the water rushing in.” To each his own.

After that intensive, I added the ritual enema to my erotic practices. I prepare by having a bag with about one quart of distilled water in it hanging from a doorknob. I place towels on the floor to stretch out on. I begin with the motions for awakening the chakras. Then I kneel, insert the tube and start the flow of water. I anoint each chakra point and massage it with clockwise circles. I anoint my cock and when it is hard I lie down on my left side—which lowers my anus, thus increasing the water pressure.

I don’t regard this as an endurance test. When the pressure becomes too high, I go to the toilet.

It is my opinion—something coming from my intuition—that we store discordant energies in our root chakra, and that ritual enemas can help eliminate these energies.

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