Sub Personalities

August 26, 2008

One of the topics I studied in the Inner Focus School was sub personalities.  We learned to identify sub personalities within ourselves and techniques for getting the Higher Self to talk to these sub personalities and for them to talk to each other. 

Sub personalities make self-knowledge difficult. I’ve heard it said that to ask someone why they did something is to invite them to lie. I don’t think this is accurate. Ask a person why they did something and you’ll get an honest answer, but from which sub personality?

If I ask myself why the area around my computers is so cluttered the first answer I get is that I want to spend as much time as possible on my blog, so I’ve no time to clean. Then I get another answer: you have too many attachments to stuff so you never throw things away.  And a third answer: your inner child is in rebellion against your parents, and they wanted you to be neat. And a fourth answer: you’re just naturally a messy person.

Each answer has some element of truth in it – but none of the answers express “the truth.” My Higher Self isn’t concerned with why I’ve done something. Higher Self is more concerned with my fully recognizing that my soul seeks the Divine. When I live from that search, “why” become unimportant.

“Know thyself,” is still a valid admonition, but self-knowledge can come in many ways. Exercise gives us knowledge of our bodies. Meditation gives us knowledge of our souls. Sex gives us knowledge of our passions. Intimacy allows us to see ourselves reflected in an other person. All are paths to self-knowledge – that in the end we may know what our souls have always known, that we are the essence of pure love.

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