“When I’m Hard, I’m Smarter”

August 26, 2008

The title to this post comes from a video in Joseph Kramer’s “Gay Sex Wisdom” series. This video is a talk and performance by Josh Schafer in which he explores what he has learned from many sessions of sharing erotic touch with men.

While this is an inspiring video, its title more than its content has inspired the practice that I present here. Essentially it is the use of erotic stimulation to help access a level of wisdom beyond egotistical mind.

In this practice I first set an intention. Often the intention is to create a meditation or ritual. It might also be to work on a current problem – perhaps how to organize a retreat or workshop. To make that intention more concrete, I write it down.  I have a cassette recorder with a blank tape ready to record.

Next I prepare for erotic massage by awakening the chakras. I start the massage as given in my post of March 10, 2008, and when I’m fully erect I turn on the recorder and speak out loud the thoughts that come to me.

I don’t usually end this session with a big draw. I stop when I feel that the ritual or meditation I’m developing is complete or when I’ve had significant insights.. Then I transcribe the tape and, if appropriate, try the ritual or meditation.

One Response to ““When I’m Hard, I’m Smarter””

  1. […] sexual, power, heart and third-eye chakras.  They were developed using the procedure presented in my posting of August 26.  I present them not simply with the idea that you should try them, though you’re welcome to do […]

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