Self Healing

September 1, 2008

If you had a cold, we used to just cure the cold. Now the question is, why did you get the cold? It turns out it’s because subconsciously you didn’t want to live. And why didn’t you want to live? Because when you were three years old the cat died, and they buried the cat in the back yard without telling you, and you were in love with the cat. So naturally, forty years later you catch cold!

These words – from “Stage Door,” by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman – were first spoken on a Broadway stage in 1936. Sigmund Freud was alive, and the idea that mind could influence health was just coming into awareness.

Today, we still have two ways of looking at health: allopathic and holistic. Allopathic medicine seeks to remedy disease by using substances and techniques which produce effects opposite to the disease – in other words, “to just cure the cold.” Holistic medicine says that the whole patient must be treated; therefore psychological and spiritual factors must be taken into consideration.

The allopathic view is often the preferred view not only of doctors but also of patients. They want the doctor “to just cure the cold.” 

If you walk a spiritual path, there comes a time when you realize that your body is responding to your psyche, and for the sake of your body you need to pay attention to your psyche. At this point, you enter a path of spiritual healing.

All the techniques presented so far on this blog are, in truth, techniques of spiritual healing, for they all serve to bring you into an awareness and relationship with your Soul, or Higher Self.  In future postings, I’ll present techniques that will enable you to explore spiritual healing in a more conscious way.

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