The Pranic Breath Meditation

September 1, 2008

Chakras are links whereby energy is passed from one of the energy fields surrounding the body to another – and from these fields to the physical body. This energy is the life force, called prana, chi, or ki. Here is a meditation to help you feel that energy.

Sit quietly (naked, if you have privacy), either cross-legged on a four-inch-thick cushion or on a firm chair with a straight back. As you inhale, visualize energy entering through one of your chakras. . Let the energy fill your body. As you exhale, feel the energy radiating out from your whole body.

Continue to breathe slowly. After a time, you may find that the chakra point changes. Don’t force it to change. Just let it happen. You have many minor chakras, so you may feel energy entering anywhere in your body.

You do not need to sit perfectly still for this meditation. Let your body move. You might even find yourself on your feet moving slowly. Have your eyes open just enough so that you don’t bump into anything.

For the last five minutes, come back to a sitting position. Note any tendency that your body has to keep moving. Don’t make yourself sit still. Just observe what your body is doing. After fifteen or twenty minutes of meditation, place your hands on your chair or on the floor to ground yourself. Open your eyes.

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