Self Healing – Bioscalar Wave

September 29, 2008

In this practice you accumulate healing energy in your heart and then send it to wherever it’s needed. To accumulate energy, stretch your arms out to the sides palms up. Visualize two balls of light of the same color, one in each hand. As you inhale visualize a beam of light coming from each hand, meeting in your heart. Leave the energy there as you exhale. Inhale again, visualizing two beams.  Do this at least seven times.

Light has magnetic and electrical components operating at right angles to each other and to the direction of propagation. When two beams meet with the components 180 degrees out of phase, they form a scalar wave.

I don’t know whether this actually occurs when one visualizes the light. I do know that the practice works. For a specific area of the body, I use the color of the chakra most closely associated with that area.  

  • Red, root chakra
  • Orange, sexual chakra
  • Yellow, power chakra
  • Green, heart chakra
  • Blue, throat chakra
  • Indigo, third eye
  • Violet, crown chakra

For a general energizing, I take seven breaths using one color for each breath.

The second part of Bioscalar Wave Healing is sending the energy to the part of the body that needs it. First inhale. As you exhale you visualize energy going from your heart to the part of your body that needs healing   Inhale again. and again send the energy as you exhale. Your Higher Self will let you know how long to continue this practice.

I have used standing wave healing to stop a cough, to speed up healing of an injury, and to stop or lessen pain.

This practice is based on the work of Dr. Valerie Hunt – and is the version I learned through the Inner Focus School.

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