Self Healing: Working with Nature

October 13, 2008

One technique that I’ve used to access the energies of nature is to work with trees.  A tree is capable of giving you energy that comes up from the earth or that is drawn down from heaven. It is also capable of sending excess energy down into the earth or up to the heavens, and it will give or take away energy depending on what you need.

Select a large tree with no obvious dead branches. If the tree isn’t healthy, it needs all its own energy and can’t be bothered with you. If you’re alone in a woods, you can strip naked and press your whole body up against a tree. I have the good fortune to be able to do this, weather permitting, at Easton Mountain, where I live.  Of course, in a public park this is likely to bring on the wrath of the local police. But no one will give a second thought if you simply sit cross-legged at the base of a tree with your back pressed up against it. If the weather is warm, you can take off your shirt.

Remain in contact with the tree for at least fifteen minutes. Meditate by focusing your attention on the places where your body touches the tree. If distracting thoughts come, just note them and bring your awareness back to your contact with the tree. Or you may use any other sitting meditation technique that works for you.

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