Personal Rituals

October 20, 2008

Many gay men reject ritual, associating it with the oppressive religious institutions that have tried to lay guilt trips on us. But, as we reclaim our spiritual lives, looking both within and to spiritual leaders from our own ranks, ritual again may become important.

During the next few weeks, I’ll focus on personal rituals that heighten spiritual awareness through opening and energizing the sexual, power, heart and third-eye chakras.  They were developed using the procedure presented in my posting of August 26.  I present them not simply with the idea that you should try them, though you’re welcome to do this if it seems right to you, but as an example of how you might develop personal rituals for yourself.

Each ritual will be divided into several sections, with some indication as to the purpose of each section.

Here’s a journaling exercise you might use before doing any of these rituals: Just before going to bed, read one section of a ritual – just one. Then write your thoughts in your journal. Read the next section on the following night, journaling in the same manner. Continue until you’ve read all the sections. You may also want to note any dreams you have on these nights.

After you’ve done this, you should have a good idea of whether you want to actually perform the ritual. If you do, this journaling exercise may show you changes that you want to make.

There are of course those who practice rituals that they insist must not be changed in the slightest detail. These are not rituals of that type.

It is my hope that these ritual will inspire you to create your own rituals that will further your spiritual life. 

Next week’s posting will be “A Man’s Ritual for Opening the Sexual Chakra.”

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