A Man’s Ritual for Opening the Sexual Chakra

October 27, 2008

Materials needed: oil, a bowl holding about a quart of water, and five stones or crystals (if possible, stones associated with the root, power, heart, throat and third-eye chakras). 

Preparing to Receive Sexual Energy

Undress. Sit cross-legged facing the water. Meditate on it for a few minutes.

Hold a stone for the third eye against your forehead. Look into the water. Think of its energy coming through your sexual chakra up into your third eye. Take seven deep breaths. Place the stone into the water. Repeat this with a stone for each of the other chakras, holding each stone against its chakra point 

Meditate on the stones. Feel energy from the water moving into your sexual chakra.

Moving Sexual Energy Into the Other Chakras

While focusing on the water, apply oil to your cock. Bring yourself to a firm erection. Visualizing the water’s energy moving into your sexual chakra.

Gently massage your cock with one hand. Anoint your third eye, heart, power and root chakras with water – feeling energy flow from your cock to each of them.

Stop the stimulation, Anoint your sexual chakra with water.

Rise to your knees. Lift the bowl. Emerse your cock in the water.

For each chakra starting with the third eye, take seven deep breaths, feeling the energy rise up to that chakra.

If you choose, bring yourself to ejaculation, letting the ejaculant fall into the water.

Bringing Sexual Energy Into the Crown Chakra

Remove the stones, touching each chakra point with each stone.

Stand holding the bowl.  If indoors, go to a bathtub or shower.  Raise the bowl. Pour the water over your head.  Feel energy rise from your sexual chakra up to your crown chakra. Feel it connect with chakras above your crown. Feel those energies coming down and mingling with your sexual chakra energy.

Clap your hands twice to finish your ritual.

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