A Ritual for Opening the Power Chakra

November 4, 2008

[If you’re not familiar with the chakras, see the write-up on my website.]

Items needed:  two eight-to-nine-foot pieces of rope.

Bondage with Breath

Remove your clothing. Sit cross-legged on the floor, contemplating one piece of rope. Hold it and feel its texture and weight.  Rub it against your skin.  Take forty-nine slow deep breaths.

Tie the rope tightly around your waist, with one long end. Wrap that end around your waist, making it almost too tight. Tie the free end to your left wrist.  Hold your arm out making the rope tight.  Take forty-nine slow deep breaths, feeling the pressure of your belly against the rope.

With both feet flat on the floor in front of you, tie the second rope around your ankles with one long end. Pull that end around your waist going from right to left behind you. Tie the rope to your right wrist. Lie back. Bring your knees toward your chest. Raise your arms up and out, pulling the ropes tight.  Take forty-nine slow breaths into your belly.

Breath Alone

Untie the ropes in this order:  right wrist, left wrist, ankles, waist.  Stretch out on the floor.  Take forty-nine slow deep breaths.

Come to sitting, Place your hands on the ground to finish your ritual.

Next week, I’ll post a ritual for the heart chakra.

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