Heart Chakra Rituals – Part I

November 10, 2008

These rituals differ from those of 10/27/2008 and 11/4/2008 as they are performed outdoors. You must have bare feet and a bare chest, so these are rituals for warmer months – though I’ve done them naked at Easton Mountain in early November. 

Preparation – Opening your Heart to Other Beings

Walk to a safe and private place outdoors. As you walk, breathe into your heart chakra. Invite whatever you see into your heart. Don’t force anything. You see a bird, a leaf, an animal – visualize it in your heart.

Come to a spot where the ground is clear. Take off all clothing above the waist. Raise your hands and draw the sky’s energy into your heart chakra . Take off your shoes and socks. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Draw its energy into your heart chakra.  Loosen the clothing about your waist to allow energy to pass. If you have privacy, strip completely.

Drawing Energy from Sky and Earth Into Your Heart

Place a towel on the ground. Lie down so that your chest is pressed against the earth and your body, below the waist, is on your towel. Stretch out your arms, palms flat on the earth. Take seven deep breaths, feeling earth energy move into your heart. Push up so that you’re kneeling. Raise your arms. Take seven deep breaths, drawing energy into the heart chakra.  Repeat this seven times.

Using a Tree to Draw Energy Into Your Heart

Stand next to living tree – your chest and face in contact with it,  your arms around it.  Invite the energy of the tree into your heart chakra – the tree drawing energy from the sky and from the earth.  You can also sit on a towel with your bare back against the tree.

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