Heart Chakra Rituals – Part II

November 19, 2008

Use the preparation from last week’s posting.

Using a Rock

Go to a large rock. Press your chest against it. If it’s large enough, lay down on it with your chest and arms in contact with it and your lower body on a towel. Breathe the energy of the rock into your heart. Stand with arms over head. Let earth energy rise up and sky energy sky come down into your heart.  Repeat this two more times.

Making an Offering from Your Heart

Take a handful of  tobacco, dried herbs or seeds. Lie down with your back above the waist against the earth, below the waist on a towel. Place the tobacco. herbs or seeds  on your chest. Let your love move into this offering.

Carefully place your hands over the offering. Slowly come to sitting so the offering is in your hands. Come to standing. Without putting socks or shoes on begin to walk. Walking with bare feet on the earth is a spiritual discipline. As you walk, scatter your offering, giving it to the earth and the animals.

A Final Grounding

Return to your towel. Lay down so that your chest is in contact with the earth and your lower body is on your towel. Feel the earth energy. Come to kneeling, raising you hands overhead. Feel sky energy. Look about. Let anything that seems to want to move into your heart move there. Don’t force anything. Repeat this sequence two more times.

A Final Walk

Begin to walk. Anything that seems to want to move into your heart chakra, let it move in. When it seems right, return to your towel. Kneel with your knees on the earth. Raising your arms overhead, make three claps to end your ritual.

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