A Ritual for Opening the Third Eye

November 24, 2008

This ritual may be done naked or in a loose robe. You will need some oil.

Awakening the Third Eye with Massage 

Kneel and anoint your forehead with oil. Massage the region of the third eye with forty-nine clockwise circles. (It will look counterclockwise to you . You’ll be going over to the left on the top and under on the right.) Then bend forward. Place your forehead on the floor. Continue to breathe into the third eye. Bring your arms behind you raising them up as high as you can, Then bring them down so your forearms rest on the ground in front of you. Stretch your left leg behind you as far as you can. Bring it back under you. Stretch your right leg as far as you can. Bring it back. Come back up to a kneeling position. Breathe into the third eye. Repeat the procedure of massage, bending forward and stretching and coming back up two more times.

Energizing the Third Eye Point by Turning

Come to standing. Keeping your attention on the third-eye. Turing to your right, very slowly,  make forty-nine revolutions taking six steps  (three on the left foot and three on the right) for each revolution. If you start to get dizzy, go even slower. The point is to constantly keep your attention on your third eye.  Breathe in, feeling energy going up into your third eye, as you step with the right foot. Breathe out as you step with the left foot.

A Final Grounding

Kneel. Place your forehead on the floor. Have your knees as far apart as you can. Bring your elbows in to the floor between your knees. Breath into the third-eye point forty-nine times  Come to your knees. Make three claps to finish your ritual.

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