Circulating Chakra Energy

December 15, 2008

As you awaken the chakras, it’s possible that excess energy will build up in one of them.   If you experience this to a point of discomfort, look at the adjacent chakras to see if you have unresolved issues that could be causing a block. For example, if the heart chakra has excess energy, look for issues of power (third chakra) and communication (fifth chakra).

There’s an exercise that will help circulate chakra energy – working with chakras one through six.  It may be done concentrating on one chakra a day for six days – with a meditation on the crown chakra done on the seventh day.  You will need privacy, a rug or pad on the floor, and a small pillow for your head.  Undress and lie on your back. Take ten deep breaths, relaxing on each exhalation.

Place the fingers of one hand on the chakra point you’re working on and the fingers of the other hand on an adjacent chakra point  Vibrate the fingers of both hands as you take ten deep breaths. Keeping the fingers of one hand on your primary chakra point, move the fingers of the other hand to another chakra point (using only points one through six) and again vibrate for ten deep breaths.  Repeat this until you have vibrated five chakra points.

Now place the fingers of one hand on the root chakra point and the fingers of the other in the center of the top of your head.  Vibrate for ten deep breaths.

Repeat all of the above but this time hold your fingers still.  Try to breathe into both places of contact.  When finished, relax for several minutes with your hands at your sides.

If possible, remain naked for at least an hour.  Even loose clothing can restrict energy flow.

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