Social Action and Spirituality

December 29, 2008

I’m a member of a YahooI group called Gay Mystics.  Recently one of the members submitted a post on the question of whether Obama is an enlightened being.  My first thought was that if enlightenment is actually the experience of discovering that you were really enlightened all along, then we all are enlightened beings.

Putting that aside, my own conviction is that if we expect Obama to be an avatar or savior he will deeply disappoint us.  If we – and by we I mean all Americans who want peace, political justice, social equality and environmental security – can seize this moment when the forces that have been plundering our nation for their own personal gain have been, perhaps only temporarily, put on the defensive, then we have the possibility of making some progress toward the society and world we seek.  We can’t say, “Let Obama do it.”  We must put pressure on Congress and the administration to make the changes we need.

We must look at the progressive organizations:  ACORN, ACLU, Sierra Club, etc. etc. etc.  as well as thousands of local organizations and decide which ones are effectively working toward goals we want, and then become involved in supporting them. 

I’ll give you an example of one local organization that I’m supporting:  The Greenwich Citizen’s Committee.  I’m not advocating that you join – unless you happen to live in New York State’s Washington County – but it’s an example of the kind of local organization that by itself is not doing much but collectively is making a big difference.  

My own conviction is that there must be a social dimension to spiritual consciousness.  I’ve added a new category to this blog’s topical index – “social action.”  This is the first posting on that topic.

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