Listen to Your Body – Part Two

January 12, 2009

An Exercise

You will need privacy, a full-length mirror, a six-inch hand mirror, soap, water, a towel, and pen and paper or a journal.

Start by looking at your hands.  Think what you have done and can do with them. Close your eyes. Let your hands caress you face.  Let them move to the rest of your body.

Wash your hands.  Using your fingertips, touch the inside of your mouth.  Is it pleasant?  Wash your hands again.

Look at your face in the hand mirror.  Turn your head and body so that the patterns of shadow on your face change.  Take five deep breaths.  This is the face you’ve just been touching. 

While fully clothed, look at yourself in the full-length mirror.  How does your clothing contribute to your comfort or discomfort?  Use the hand mirror to look at your back.

Undress.  Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself how your clothing made you more comfortable or uncomfortable. 

Using the two mirrors, look at every part of your body.  Then stand upright. Close you eyes and use one hand to touch each part of the body, remembering the sensations you got from that part during the last few days.  Repeat this with your other hand.  Did you get different memories?  

Sit naked with pen and paper or your journal.  Bring your attention  to each part of the body and record how that part feels now and how it has felt during the past few days.  Reread  what you’ve written.  Did you avoid touching any part of your body – such as the anus?  Next week, I’ll give an awareness exercise that focuses on the anus.

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